My realization of this “matter studying” started the day I found some Images left on my old camera from a trip to Paris in 2009.
Examining these frames now is fascinating; Taking these shots as a non-technical non-photogrpaher tourist, I remember having so much respect for the subject I’m shooting,
while using Auto-mode. The results are flattened, flashy images that’s not at all flattering the heritage I got to know in my own eyes and feet walking around the palace.
As an adopted child I developed a foreign sight of culture, and western culture especially in my years as a grown person.

In my journey, I use the camera as a tool that completes my sensory experience to a certain extent, as it provides a new perception of a moment and allows it to be reviewed at resolutions that cannot be viewed by the human eye.

1. “The essense of Orientalism is the ineradicable distinction between Western superiority and Oriental inferiority…”. Said, Orientalism, p. 42