2020 (continual)

Anthropocene. adjective. “A proposed epoch of the Quarternary Period occurring in the present time, since mid-20th century, when human activity began to effect significant environmental consequences, specifically on ecosystems and climate.“  (
How does one examine as a visitor the culture in which he lives?
In this project, Dan Yosefi explores the use of the camera for studying matter, not so much as a physical substance but as a set of cultural practices.

The Anthropocene, a scientific diagnosis and an alarming prophecy, serves as a starting point for this project as well as its organizing motif.

By documenting a variety of human environments and experiences, such as architecture, film, fine arts, material reality, and the human psyche in contemporary culture, this project aspires to visually conceptualize the global being of humanity and suggests to see it in a new light, whatever that might be.

A Fashioned Self-Portrait


Case Study: 'Venus'


Art-Direction Shaked Taiblum 
Model Shani Kagan
Makeup Shira Dansker
Hair Adi Somech

Figuring out visual ways of presenting ‘Venus’ and her various representations through culture’s history in a fashion editorial. Venus of fertility was our visual cornerstone. We aspired to deconstruct and define the visual characteristics of Venus in the popular consciousness.We went back to the creation of Venus from Willendorf, through renaissance masterpieces to contemporary artworks.From that visual understanding we continued looking for different representations of the goddess over different times.

Meta Classicism


A project made in collabortaion with architect & designer Katrina Alexandrov



ModelJonathan Yarin Krief
Styling; Art-Direction Ya'aqov Itzhak Wolfson

A cynical fashion editorial combining high fashion and low qualities.