Dan Yosefi – Digital Archive
Dan Yosefi is a new media visual artist and creative director focusing on the medium of photography.



Focusing on the Medium of Photography and providing crisp creative direction, Dan Yosefi is a new media visual artist and creative director. His body of work has garnered recognition in both print and digital platforms.

To examine the culture in which one lives as a visitor, one can use a variety of tools and methods. Through the lens of his camera, Dan Yosefi embarks on a journey, fusing the study of culture with the transformative language of alchemical processes, weaving together architecture, film, fine arts, material reality, and the human psyche to craft a visual representation of humanity, one that offers a novel perspective on the global essence of our shared existence. In his work, he invites viewers to partake in the alchemical transformation, providing fresh perspectives on the elements that bind humanity together in a global synthesis of culture.

As the psychological human cannot reflect nor review an experience at the moment as it happens, I see a camera or an image as tools that allow humans to reflect on their physical selves, lives, environment, and everything else. As an adopted child, I developed the awarness to my foreign sight of western culture, which has g iven me a unique perspective, and by using a camera as a transcendent tool, I’m able to further expand my sensory experience and gain new insights.
The ability to review moments at resolutions beyond what the human eye can see adds to the value of photography as a tool for self-reflection and exploration.

2023 B.A. Arts & Arts Management, Open University of Israel.
2020 Department of Photography, Minshar for Art.
2014 Department of Fine Art, Muzot High School of Arts, Jaffa, Israel.