Dan Yosefi



2022 B.A. Arts & Arts Management, Open University of Israel.
2020 Department of Photography, Minshar for Art.
2014 Department of Fine Art, Muzot High School of Arts, Jaffa, Israel.

How does one examine as a visitor the culture in which he lives? In his work, Dan Yosefi explores the use of the camera for studying matter, not so much as a physical substance but as a set of cultural practices.
By documenting a variety of human environments and experiences, such as architecture, film, fine arts, material reality, and the human psyche in contemporary culture, his body of work aspires to visually conceptualize the global being of humanity and suggests to see it in a newlight, whatever that might be.

As the psychological human cannot reflect nor review an experience at the moment as it happens, I see a camera or an image as tools that allow humans to reflect on their physical selves, lives, environment, and everything else.
As an adopted child, I developed a foreign sight of ‘Culture’, Western culture especially. With that awarnase , I use the camera as a transcendent tool to complete my sensory experience to a certain extent as it provides a new perception of a moment and allows it to be reviewed at resolutions that cannot be viewed by the human eye.