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Meta Classicism

Collabortaion with Katrina Alexandrov

The Neo-Classical movement is a byproduct of the Renaissance- where the human soul’s value is embodied. With the ambition to prove that man is from God, the divine got a human form, while the earthly did not change.
On the other hand, Hyperrealism is the young art form that gives birth to artifacts showcasing efforts to bring an added dimension of reality to life. In our work, we seek after a 'new' Hyperrealism, one that aspire not the imitation of reality, but the ability to distort it, perhaps revealing another face of it.

The work talks about the meeting between photography and labour craftmenship; purity of material, and the meeting between those in the digital age- which we put as such that enables the creation of an [actual] secondary reality.
We created a physical space which gives the illusion of neither being a digital or a concrete creation.    The environment lacks identity, but has an absolute one at the same time. It is not known where it is, when we visited it and if at all.    The space is infinite, our observation point of it is through another wall that 'attracts' us to visit it. It is not known what is behind each arch, what is found or exists there.

This is a utopian place, where anything can happen.
It presents an infinite number of realities, as the photographed object is in two positions simultaneously in each image: It exists both as object and subject at the same time, as an object surrounded by life, and on the other hand as living surrounded by stillness.

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